and Homeowners Association in Big Bear Lake, California

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain a key to the pool/spa areas?
A: Each owner can obtain a key from the on-site manager.  Keys for rental units are issued by the owner or rental agency.  Pool/Spa areas are for use only by owners and their guests.  Please respect the pool hours posted.  Law enforcement will be called to remove violators.  Owners are responsible for any damage to the common areas by members of their household, tenants, and their guests.

Q: When are the pool/spa areas open?
A: Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Radios, televisions, musical instruments, etc. may be used only if the volume is kept low and others in the pool/spa areas have no objection to their use.  There is NO lifeguard on duty at either of the pool/spa areas.  Animals are not allowed in the pool/spa areas at any time unless a service animal with proper identification vest and credentials. 

Q: Why is the south pool and spa area closed during the winter months?
A: The north and south pools and the south spa are partially drained for the winter to save the Association and its owners water and energy costs.  The north spa area is open during the hours mentioned above.

Q: Are pets allowed in other areas?
A: Pets are permitted only if owners maintain proper supervision so as to not disturb the enjoyment of others.  Pets are not allowed in the common area unless carried or on a leash.  Owners must clean up after their pets.  There are disposable bags throughout the complex.

Q: Are children allowed in the pool/spa areas?

A: Children under 14 MUST be supervised by an adult.  Children under 12 are NOT allowed in the spas.  Please respect these age limitations for safety and health reasons.

Q: Can I bring food and drink into the pool/spa areas?
A: Food shall not be brought into the pool/spa areas.  Drinks are permitted if in cans, plastic, or paper cups.  No glass objects are allowed in the pool/spa areas.

Q: Can I park my boat/personal watercraft trailer in the parking lot?
A: There is NO trailer parking permitted in the parking lot.  You can make arrangements with nearby Pleasure Point Marina (909-866-2455) or Holloway's Marina (909-866-5706) to store your boat, personal watercraft and/or trailer.

Q: How do I dispose of trash?
A: All refuse, except fireplace ashes, must be wrapped in paper or plastic bags and deposited in the dumpsters in the trash receptacles.  If a dumpster is full, trash must be taken to another receptacle and not thrown in outside the dumpster.  There are three receptacles on the grounds.

Q: How do I dispose of fireplace ashes?
A: Every unit should contain a small metal trash can with a tight lid.  All ashes, embers, coals, and cigarettes should be deposited in such metal cans.  Refuse in such metal cans shall be dumped only in the large metal trash cans marked "ashes only" adjacent to each trash receptacle.  Please dispose of your tobacco ashes and cigarette butts in the metal cans along with the fireplace ashes.

Q: Can I store firewood outside my unit?
A: You may neatly stack up to 32 cubic feet of firewood (1/4 cord) on your back deck only.  This equates to a stack 4 feet long, 4 feet high and 2 feet deep.  You may NOT store firewood on the front deck or common area.

Additional Questions?

Please contact your rental agency or unit owner.